Small improvement to upgrade finder => crafted item

Hello !

Here is an idea:
2H weapon need 2 sparks, 1H weapon need 1 sparks. Could we have an option to divide the scoring by the number of sparks ?

A bit like the valor system where you could have “the most efficient”.
Cause here on this screen, the dual 1H is better compare to a 2H weapon (not taking the enchant into account).
Or maybe have something more develope like ‘i have 2 sparks’ what couple of item could i craft to get the best result ? (i think about the toxic patch + boots for exemple for leather)

Thank you again for you hard work !

P.S: if need be : 70446159d37343a1a8fd824ee5b58990

Does Weapon preference, in setup, have the effect you’re looking for?

That said, what’s the current thinking for WW using 2H…? Haven’t played my WW Monk much past the Shadowlands pre-patch, so…

For right now i set it to “any weapon”. Because if technically 2* 1H weapon are better (for the two enchant) the BIS is a 2H weapon due to the active is has.
I could force to set to 1H or 2H preference to ignore the rest.

Yeah we can look into some cost-based rankings for crafted stuff. It’s a bit tough to extract crafting costs from the spaghetti that is game client crafting data, but we might be able to just do it by hand for the “important” materials like sparks and ignore the rest.

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Ho yeah i was looking only for sparks not money wise.