Sockets from Venari

I am not seeing anything in the BiB or BiS settings for taking into consideration the ability to add sockets to certain gear pieces via Venari in the Maw (The purchasable item). Am I missing it or is it just missing?


With BiS, after getting a result, you can click on any item slot to bring up the item list. In the list, there is a small down arrow to the left of the item, looks like a caret. With that you can modify any item that can be socketed to have a socket.

We don’t have a setting to automatically add sockets to all items that can have it… we could consider it if it becomes common that people buy sockets for all of their items due to increased rate of currency acquisition.

For BiB, you could use the upgrade finder’s “Add to my bag” feature to see how a socketed version of an item would rank with your current gear. The list works the same as the best in slot item list.

Thank you, I will try this out!

Is there a way to add a socket in the best in bags?

You could use the “add to my bag” feature to try out an item with a socket. It really doesn’t matter which item you put a socket on, you get the same benefit anywhere. Choose items that you will probably keep the longest – highest ilvl with your most favored stats.