So'leah's Secret Technique - Best in Bags overvalued?

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Best in Bags

I’m seeing an odd recommendation comparing two trinkets:
So’leah’s Secret Technique
Thundertower’s Targeting Reticle

This should be an apples-to-apples comparison. Best in Bags says my highest stat priority is Versatility. Both trinkets grant Agility and Versatility. Thundertower grants more versatility (+16) at the same ilvl. I had a higher ilvl in Inventory, but the recommendation showed Thundertower as a big downgrade (-2.32%).

Here’s the spell in the mechanics:

The comment for the spell reads “In the simulator we give you more of your highest secondary stat as they stand at the start of the fight” - Which should be Versatility. I simulated my character with both trinkets. Versatility showed as 31.06% using So’leah, 28.65% using Thundertower. I would expect those final Versatility % numbers to be identical if So’Leah granted Versatility, or for Thundertower to show more overall Versatility % if So’Leah prioritized a different stat.

Could there be something wrong in the spell implementation/weighting for So’Leah?

I see a previous conversation around this trinket:

This explains how the trinket applies a buff in the simulator, vs impacting the raw statistic “Versatility” on character sheet. Since Versatility % is higher with this trinket, I assume buffs are included in the calculation for Versatility %. Again, this trinket looks overvalued.

The versatility total shown in the report won’t include dynamic buffs like So’leah’s Technique.

It looks like they finally fixed the scaling on So’leah’s Technique and we need to update it. Originally they had it using the wrong type of curve for a secondary stat, but somewhere along the line they must have fixed it and our diff missed it.