Some login / loading issues

My toon name is blocked out just because I am on moonguard. Heh, I just feel better with it blocked out.

This happens on occasion. While I’ve not been to every website on the internet. I work from home, online 40 hours a week, only AMR gives me this. I use bleachbit to pretty much clean the rig (Bleachbit . Junk/Cache is deleted harder than Ivanka Trump on Mythic Argus!! I would not have brought this up. Though I just literally did a fresh install of firefox 2 min before this error. It is probably just me. Not a big deal, thought I would mention. Everything on this end seems decent.

While this round it was timed with the reset, in the past it is random (not Tue). Login/logout still leaves me “hanging”.

One of our servers failed… I have new ones coming online now, site should be back up again.

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Getting it a lot now. I know what “Servers failed” means within my scope. Don’t really care to technically understand it all. Here is another error I received when trying to SIM then glonet while I watched a movie. I do not care, I am in no rush. Not sure if that error helps to see.

I will ignore them now understanding Robot Crew knows they are happening.

Yeah that essentially means one of the servers locked up… it is a very sporadic issue, so I’m trying several different approaches to narrowing down what is locking it up and fix it.