Some Suggestions and Requests

The Soul Bind section of BiB needs some love. It does a very bad job of recognizing when I already have a conduit layout the same as the suggestion just in different slots. Example: My arms warrior BiB want my three potency slots to be Slot 1 - Mortal Combo, Slot 2 - Crash the Ramparts, Slot 3 - Piercing Verdict (I just reached Renown 43 and got the third slot on Pelagos). I currently have Slot 1 - Crash the Ramparts, Slot 2 - Piercing Verdict hence if I was to just add the Mortal Combo in Slot 3 I accomplish the same layout and save Conduit Energy. Here’s a snap shot if it help’s explain better:


Also the Soul Bind suggestions should be exported to the in game addon so I don’t have to keep referencing the website when I setup my character. Kind of like you did for the Azerite powers last xpac. That change was awesome and would be much appreciated I’m sure.

Last thing, Korthia upgradeable gear is mixed in on the Upgrade finder under the Valor tab. That’s good I want to see that I can get upgrades from that gear and currency. Could we do something to delineate that it requires cataloged research to upgrade and have a separate upgrade level setting selector for that currency. Or change the Valor tab to a currency tab and allow some filters or settings based on each different currency?

There is a separate upgrade finder search for Korthia gear – I’ll filter it out of the Valor search.

I’ll take a look why the optimizer is flipping around conduits between the slots, in theory it shouldn’t do that but we had to make a few changes to the optimizer with 9.1, so something is probably overriding that check.

We might add a way to view soulbinds in the addon – it’s on the list for possible future updates.

Thanks for the response, If you could somehow indicate in the Korthia Gear that you own a piece on the list it would be great. I understand using the Korthia list to target specific gear pieces that are the biggest/efficient upgrade. But also knowing when to spend the currency on the pieces you do have could be useful as well.

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I’d actually go one further and add an option for Items owned at the setup stage so I only see the stuff I own.
It would be nice to have both as being able to know another Korthia piece is better is good info.