Some though around healing

Hello everyone !

So i’m putting some random thing here on what i would like to be improve in AMR.

First of all, comming from Legion, customization if a great thing, beeing able to lock/select specific thing and AMR being able to manage it is way way cooler. It works well And i hope this ability will be able to forword into shadowlands.

So, i dont know how to explain but to summarize i had the feeling a MM+ key was easier if i use my max iLvl gear compare to the BiB from AMR. (Could be my team who changed, could be me more focused, less mistake etc… and it’s probably more this way and not “the gear” who give me the feeling it was easier).

More then word here is some data:

Some explain need here. On top we have the BiB for a MM+18. (Yes 18 because it’s what i trie to do currently). My conclusion is current data are not going hard enough on healer. I dont have a look on all data over all healer neither all difficulty but it’s a feeling.

I’m pretty sure we could improve healing even more going a bit deeper in difficulty (MM and hm raiding or higher keys) by changing the current variable difficulty system level while creating the data (function of the iLvl?). I think we were discuss about this already and if i remember correctly, AMR is running till their is 2 death-ich and optimise on this right ? I think i could be generally better with higher death count.

It should push a bit more over iLvl gear and stamina compare to previous method and this could be way more important for MM+ script compare to raiding script. 10-ich seems to be a better choice from ym point of view.

Obviously this is the end of the patch so no need to change data now, but could we analyse some more here and improve for next extension ? Could i help you get more data change things a bit ?

Also, healer doing dps seems to be a thing even more in SL, do you think AMR could improve in this direction or is it too mutch work ?

If you want to have some more data:
Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft (Two keys done; i can get you more if you want)

Yeah, if healer DPS is still going to be a big thing in shadowlands… we’re probably going to be incorporating it like we do for tanks.

I think a difference script for mythic+ healers is probably in order for shadowlands - that will go a long way towards helping people pick gear that feels more on-trend. I’ll have to try out some keys in alpha and beta when they are available to get a feel for where we should be headed with those models.

If you need anything (if i have beta; or alpha :x; wich is not the case currently) i can help.

Thanks! I do have access to the alpha… but we generally don’t do much development based on alpha because things change so much. Once beta and open beta hit then we will be ramping up work on the simulation model for shadowlands. (and I will have no life for a couple months)