Something strange from TBC


  1. It’s a better gears, but it comes out at -35.93%.
  2. Haste Gems cannot be used in Phase 4, but they are recommend based on Haste Gems. (For epic gem)

That is strange… I’m not sure how the score is being reported as a reduction. The gear it is picking is certainly better (and running it in development mode I can verify the actual score is better). Must be some sort of display issue with the score.

I’ll see what I can figure out.

There is don’t use 4 pieces of tier 6 equipment when checking BIS.
I wonder if the set effect is properly applied and calculated.
The balace Druid’s main skill is starfire and the 4-set effect is definitely necessary but I wonder why it shows the BIS using only 2 pieces.

I already posted an update that fixes this issue.