Soul of the Deathlord talent ring legendary ranked low for Unholy

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is:

Hi Zoopercat and team,

Just picked up an 970 Soul of the Deathlord legendary (talent) ring which is supposedly very strong for Unholy DK and Frost DK. However when I run a Gearing Strategy for Krosus for Frost and Gearing Strategy for Goroth for Unholy AskMrRobot prefers my 2 Frost legendaries (940 Perseverance of the Ebon Martyr and 970 Koltira’s Newfound Will) for both specs. I am surprised about the Frost result but maybe the ring isn’t as good ST even though the Ebon Martyr has been nerfed already.

But can’t understand the Unholy result - why would AskMrRobot recommend 2 legendaries that are really Frost-specific that are effectively stat sticks over a ring that provides a strong talent effect to Unholy? In fact the Koltira waist doesn’t even have mastery on it which AskMrRobot says is my Unholy DK’s primary spec above Strength. And AskMrRobot thinks that a 865 ring with +1500 mastery is better than the Soul of the Deathlord legendary which has +1200 mastery as well as haste AND crit. Don’t understand what’s happened? Did I run the Gearing strategy incorrectly?

FWIW I have run many, many gearing strategies for my 9 level 110s for the past nine months and while some of the results have been surprising I could understand the logic this one is really puzzling me. Thanks for any help.

I attached a picture as well as the link to my gearing strategy and character for your information.

EDIT: Update - I thought maybe it might have been recommending frost helm + waist for my unholy spec ahead of the Deathlord ring because I didn’t have any alternatives at the head and waist spots, so I bought a crafted helm with haste + mastery and upgraded it to 900. The result is that it is now recommending waist and ring - but not the 970 Deathlord ring, but the 940 Sephuz ring. (see pic)

Finally, I ran simulations for the following setups:
970 Koltiras Will + 940 Sephuz =
940 Ebon Martyr + 970 Koltiras Will =
970 Soul of the Deathlord + 970 Koltira’s Will =

So the combination I originally thought would be the best (Deathlord + Koltira) provides the most DPS via sim but it is not the one being recommended by the BIB tool.

Have the new legendary talents rings been set up yet to reflect the value of the additional talent?

Or am I doing the BIB incorrectly?

Apologies for the length but I wanted to give as much detail as I possibly could.

One single custom gearing strategy cannot really pick legendary item combinations very well, especially the ring. Our global network “adaptive” gearing strategies are nearing completion, and those will be able to choose legendary items for you.

What you should do for now with BiB, since you have identified the legendary items you want to use via doing some spot-check simulations, is make a gearing strategy with those two legendary items on and then lock them in for BiB. Soon, we will be locking in the legendary items used to make custom gearing strategies by default, and only the “adaptive” strategies will have the ability to pick legendary items.

As you found out, there is no reliable way to pick legendary items using just one set of data. This is our highest priority development item right now that we are working to finish as fast as we can… but it is a complicated problem to solve. We’re close - we almost have a test case for an adaptive strategy ready to push live - just needs a bit more tweaking.

OK thanks, that’s good enough for me. It was more trying to understand it really. Appreciate your quick response.