Soulbind Row 8 Not set up in simulator?

As Affliction Venthyr lock, my row 8 will only simulate soulbind row 8 that comes off of my potency slot from row 7.
However the other two options give DPS increases, id like to simulate them over taking the row 7 potency slot.
Are these not set up in the simulator?
Row 8 for Theotar the Mad Duke would be Refined Palate and Wasteland Propriety to test

We have those implemented. Can you give me an example of where you cannot simulate them?

Here is an example sim with refined palate, as an example:

I was attempting to run a large sim with different combinations, results only showed the slot I mentioned or “none” as a result.

When I get on a desktop I’ll try and play around with it a little more.

Ive no idea what i did differently but its working now.

Maybe the first time i didnt put links between row 7 and 8?


I’m glad that doing nothing has solved your issue! I like it when it works out like that.

Ok there is definitely something strange going on. its just ignoring my soulbind choices. It says to test 15 set ups, but the simulation runs 3 set ups and gives 2 results???

If i add more finesse and endurance options (that makes zero dps difference) then the parse appears to work. isnt that silly though, as it just makes my simulation take even longer?

I’ll have to take a look… my guess is that the issue is that you have paths that can’t be filled (e.g. paths with two finesse conduit slots, but you only have one finesse conduit checked). In theory it should just leave the slots blank, but perhaps it is skipping paths that it cannot completely fill.