Soulbind Upgrade taken into account?

Now that we can unlock Renown 61 and 62, they include Soulbind Upgrades for 2 of the Soulbinds, where the first row of conduits are enhanced.

According to First Row of Enhanced Conduits Unlocks Today - News - Icy Veins, an enhanced conduit increases the item level by 26 and its effect is increased by 2 ranks, compared to a standard conduit.

Is this implemented in AMR yet? from what I can see, the conduit on one of my specs that has Dreamweaver as the Soulbind is still showing the normal conduit value in the first row of conduits. Is that just a UI bug, or is it still using the normal values in your simulations?


Hoy it does work for me :

The gold border is “bigger”.

But for you it seems it doesn’t have your renonw level

Maybe go to the forge open it, and resend the string to AMR website ?

Ah, thanks for the tip. I thought the addon string would have contained my renown level automatically, but it looks like it doesn’t. When I set it manually, the spec with dreamweaver is showing the correct value for the upgraded conduit.

It should get your renonw level automatically; it’s a bug if it doesn’t

Have you imported you character setup from the in-game Add-on or from the Armoury…?
In-game add-on is more reliable for the data the site works with.

Also you would need the latest version of the addon to read the renown level, version 106 as of this post. I added that pretty recently.

I use the addon. I had version 105 when I posted the OP, and just updated to version 106 last night, after realising that might have caused the issue. So hopefully it works automatically now. Thanks for the help

Where do you see to edit character??

Where is Sienss seeing his renown lvl to edit? I can’t find it in the addon or web page. Yes I am a premium subscriber, so I should be able to access everything. I’m confused?

Press the “hamburger” icon next to your character icon at the top-left of the page.

That was easy lol no wonder I missed it lol Thank you