Soulbinds - Venthyr - Hold Your Ground

Hi !

I was looking into the définition for Hold Your Ground a passif for the soulbinds General Draven for the Venthyr.
This passif seems completly overtuned or maybe need a little tweek for the uptime.

Currently this buff has an uptime of:

So using wowlogs on the first fight i found:
It can have an uptime of 100% but during progression i’m not going to care.

So my personnal opinion (till the simulator is ready for the mouvement improvement you mentionned):
this could to be appromixate to 60% (4sec without buff waiting, 6s “possible” mouvement) uptime if i’m generous.
This could be even better if people where trying to keep the buff, but i dont feel like this buff should be approximate this hight currently.
For all the sims i’ve done this make the difference between Night Fae and Venthyr. Without this specific buff, Venthyr falls right back and all the setups (pretty mutch) of the Night Fae are better.

What it means for me is during progress Night Fae will be my personnal best choice but during farming of the raid logs will be fill with people using the 4% hps buff with 100% uptime.

What do you think about this ?


Keep in mind that it persists for 6 seconds when you start moving, so the actual downtime should be relatively small if you are moving efficiently. You’ll only see it drop off if you have to move longer than 2 seconds at a time.

I’d agree that 100% uptime is not realistic, so maybe you’ll only get 3% buff from it instead of 4%. I don’t think that would drive your covenant choice, but I know my opinion differs from some people on that. I think I’m going to keep it implemented working “correctly” and then it is very high priority for us to add in more movement and make a new script for healers very early on in shadowlands once we get past launch.

Are you on a mistweaver? For deciding venthry vs night fae if they are within 1% HPS of each other, I think the choice would be more based around consistent healing from stomp vs another 3 min cooldown with fallen order.

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Apprently sims wiki have been update since my last sims so… maybe it was somethings else messing around :stuck_out_tongue:
The difference between Night Fae and Venthyr in “number” was this only trait with almost 4% difference.
I’m redoing the sims right now so i have updated data.

Yes i’m looking for misweaver and i would love more of your feedback.

So here is my way of thinking about it :
A bit of context; i’m will do Mythic raiding as main objective. MM+ will have an impact but i’m not trying to push hight keys like crazy, i will push overtime (and i dont think gearing for MM+ is a good idea in my case).

Purely in terme of usability of the spells :

  1. Kyrian: A come back from a legion artifact power that pulse aoe healing.
  • I like this one for a stacked AOE burst healing.
  • His mana cost for an effective use if too high for my taste
  • And in simulation it not “thats” good
  1. Necrolord: I dont like the mechanics, it need preparation, anticipation for AOE event and from my perspective it goes against what’s MW is.
  • It’s still a very easy to use spell very effecient (no mana cost)
  • can be use to dps in MW so nice
  • I generally dont like Necrolord lore :stuck_out_tongue: (The transmo is awefull, well done but not my taste xD)
  1. Venthyr: Pets. Can be feared can be buggy will probably heal a lot but overheal a lot too… If you miss fire it you’ve waisted the CD etc…
  • I like the idea of this beeing very very strong with Chi-ji at the same time (if the interaction exist)
  • Press and forget, but press wrong and all of the healing goes into overhealing
  • For what i know the “IA” for this pets is very stupid, doesn’t change target if the 1st target is full life
  • This can’t be a raid healing CD on it’s own compare to a revival (or any other heal’s Cd)
  • I like the idea of using this during the MM+ afflixes for the first season this seems… Adequat
  1. Night Fae: Beautiful.
  • Easy to press
  • Can be use to DPS
  • People doesn’t need to be “that stacked up”
  • Works in MM+ (but not as good as Kyrian)
  • I generally dont see a lot of downside to it except the consommation in mana that can be huge.

Is their anythings you agree on or disagree ?

Obiously the number matters but the usefullness every where also. If i could have a really good covenant for heal and good for tank AND Windwalker it would be perfect (i often change spec)

Looks like I forgot the mana cost on Faeline Stomp in the simulator. I added it in and it’ll show up in the next update.

I think the mana cost on faeline stomp reduces its attractiveness for me, since I feel like mistweaver is so mana-limited already. I think if you plan to use a build with Refreshing Jade Wind, faeline stomp is arguably not worth casting unless you want to do some damage as well. I see faeline stomp as a choice if you want to be able to play with chi-ji or statue and keep up with refreshing jade wind builds.

Fallen Order is cool. Pet AI for monks is kind of a shit show… so there is always a chance they act dumb and you don’t get a ton of healing out of them… but I think they’ll be a strong cooldown. For raid healing, I personally find adding big cooldowns to my kit to be extremely useful.

I think both would work well for windwalker as well, so you could really pick the one you like more in this case and perform well. Faeline stomp looks cool… so there’s that to consider :wink:

You forgot the mana cost of Faeline Stomp ? :’(
NOOOOOOOOOOO This mean all my data are now corrupted ! T.T
That’s why Night Fae was on top of every sims i’ve done lately !
I was looking into the Rising Mist build more than Refreshing Jade Wind; if i can have melee access.

This is Convincing… Because Faelin Stomp will end up not beeing use at all if Raid or MM+ are stressfull (difficult).

So nothing to say about Kyrian and Necro then ?

Neither of those excite me for mistweaver. I think stacking weapons of order with yu’lon and casting enveloping mist around the raid could be very strong… but maybe overkill? The essence font reset I guess is more fun than I’m giving it credit for… double essence font is pretty powerful.

Bonedust Brew I am underwhelmed with across the board for all 3 specs.

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Thanks !
You have pretty mutch convince me going Venthyr.
I’m gonna wait till Night Fae Mana cost fix and redo my sims to see if i go Venthyr =D (If it’s strong without Hold Your Ground)

I posted an update with the latest changes that Swol has made to the simulator.

Note that there are also some beta hotfixes not implemented yet – we plan to do one more round of updates with all of the beta changes to date towards the end of the week.

Then of course we’ll do another one once Shadowlands goes live and we see where they ended up with things.

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