Special Items ranking side effects

Was playing with changing ranking for a trinket. With change to multiplier to 0.6 the item wasn’t changed but a soulbind changed and the primary approach (score / dps). Is there any explanations why changing multiplier impacts that much?

  1. Snapshot: e7681eb1e398443089677dbab502948f (Codex of the First Technique 0.6)

  2. Snapshot: 6dc54b788b7347daae4e86f87b77652f (Codex of the First Technique: 1.0)

By the way for heavy hits boss fights (Sylvanas for example) Codex of the First Technique extremely overrated.

Yeah it’s impossible to give a ranking to every trinket that will be perfect for every boss – as you have found, you’ll sometimes want to customize it for particular situations.

As for the recommendations changing slightly when you start applying customization options, that can happen for a lot of reasons. For example, trinket effects can get multiplied by other stats and effects (or not), which can have a minor impact on what gets chosen.

The difference in either case here is quite small, so I wouldn’t worry about it – it’s tough to say which setup would actually perform better in-game in any particular situation.

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I got your point and I guess the difference exists because you apply this multiplication to trinket stats too. But the trinket haven’t changed itself and the effects are the same when it is equipped. Have a feeling that negative multiplication applies even when item is equipped not only during picking an item.

When you modify the value of a trinket with the customization options, it only modifies the estimate for the special effect.

What I meant is that e.g. a direct damage effect from a trinket can crit, so it could theoretically slightly change the value of crit. Or, a conduit might give you a damage multiplier that does not apply to a trinket damage effect, so if you change the value of a trinket damage effect, it can change things slightly. It’s pretty minor, but when we’re talking less than 0.5% changes, it could perhaps cause the optimizer to favor one solution over another.