Specific character URL

Is there a way to make a link like the old links:
https://www.askmrrobot.com/wow/gear/eu/emerald_dream/thingey (dont work any more)
that auto updates from armory once entered as well would be really useful.

Do you mean the Armory Update feature…?
Since the site has been rebuilt, it primarily works from add-on imports; that said, you can re-enter the character name on the right hand side - after you click the character name at the top - to get a fresh Armory version of a character…

In the old version, I was able to use that link above to check my individual character.
without having to select him.
(I macro’d my keyboard to go open chrome and go to that specific page with a button for convinience… 1 button for each character)
atm the link is: “Optimize and Rank Gear - Ask Mr. Robot” but that dont point to an individual character to be loaded up.

Kinda want a link like that again to work to use on my macro keyboard
And maybe with some #Thingey tag in the end if possible to skip the part to manually type in the name of my character to get latest armor info into the site.
… Or Ill have to create some script to do that later…
… I’m lazy but i like convinience…

(I dont like to use addons)

Ahh… once you’ve used a character to optimise from the add-on, they’re stored in a list; click the "last character used’ name to see it - but it won’t refresh from the Armory… yet.

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