Spellblade & Guardian Druids MoU


there is a small oddity when I look at my guardians MoU use within a simulated spellblade encounter.

My problem is, there seems to be either way to much use of MoU or Adaptive Fur isn’t triggered properly, but I guess it’s the first option.
In theory, when tanked properly, the tank should mostly get physical damage and some, but way less magical.
When I look how often adaptive fur is triggered (0.8% uptime) it fits my theory, but still MoU is used way more than IF.
I know there indeed is magical damage within the encounter itself and therefore the use of MoU would fit in theory, but at the end of the day the tank shouldn’t get much of that magical damage (most of it should be in phase 3), but the DDs and therefore the tanks focus should still be to maintain IF instead of MoU most of the time or am I mistaken.

Also, but that could just fit, I’m only curious, frenzied regeneration is almost not used (while it is used at Krosus or Ursoc), I’d wonder if the HP really almost never drop below 50%, but I’d be possible for sure.


Edit: Well, the fight length was at least way to short to get through all phases, sry, but unfotunately it doesn’t look much better at a 5 minute fight.

It looks like the “SecondsUntilBigMagicHit” function is returning true way too often in the rotation checks. I’m not sure why at first glance, we’ll have to look into the script and debug it.

Thanks for the heads up.

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Yeah this was an issue with a feature we added for Spellblade to deal with the stacking debuff. It will be fixed in the next update.

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Great, thanks :slight_smile: