Spellpower set for Prot Paladin

My question is:
Could you in the new iteration of Mr Robot Create an option for paladins a spellpower set that will make it quick and easy to select among the TBC best in bags sets for holy ret or prot as one of the set choices

For the BC optimizer, we aren’t going the “custom builds” route, in general. We calculate how to do the most DPS with your chosen talents. If you want to use a lower DPS build that gears in a different way… that’s a bit tough.

If your goal is to DPS as a paladin with a spell power set - that would be seal of righteousness, which is typically what a protection tank paladin uses. If you use the full DPS setting for a protection paladin, it should give you results along the lines you are looking for.

yup i already do all you have suggested i would just like to see to it that classic and tbc version of AMR are comparable is all. i just want them to work out the same is all i guess cause i was using classic amr to create a tanking build that i set on max dps and it ended up in a higher spell power which works great when you are out farming for mats and whatnot. I guess what i really am saying is KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK i look forward to the BC build sooner