Spells triggering items/azerite with BM

When testing on a target dummy how often things were proccing/how much damage they did, I noticed that the pet attacks(claw/bite/smack/melee/kill command/beast cleave) were not triggering any azerite effects or trinkets.

After testing it for a while I’m 100% sure the pet does not proc any trinket or azerite trait not directly related to it, such as Serrated Jaws or Venomous Fangs.

Murder of Crows only seemed to trigger the 2nd ring effects(gutripper, heed my call, overwhelming power etc) but not Swirling Sands from the first ring(couldn’t check the other first ring general powers), as for trinkets - Vanquished Tendril, Darkmoon Fathoms, Frenetic Corpuscle, Construct Overcharger did not proc even after 40+ casts for each(640 hits), however Dread Gladiator’s Insignia was able to even though it has the same wording as the Vanquished Tendril. Weapon enchants also seemed to work with it.

I wasn’t able to be 100% sure with spells like Stomp that come from the pet due to Barbed Shot ticking and proccing effects.

The other attacks (Cobra Shot/Barbed Shot/Chimaera Shot/Auto shot) seemed to line up with what is on the theorycraft wiki, though honestly I didn’t test them as thoroughly as the pet and Murder of Crows.

I don’t know if it will have much of a difference on the gearing suggestions or if other class pets and different class abilities might work like Murder of Crows but it just seemed worth sharing.

We don’t allow pet attacks to proc azerite powers and/or trinket effects in the simulator, so, the gearing suggestions already reflect how it is working in the game.

Also, for anything that is rppm (which is most things) there will be no noticeable effect either way.