Spending Dinars

So, my understanding is that, once the Dinar vendors show up in Oribos, they will be offering the same normal (Fated) raid level gear (278-285) that drops from the raids. Does that mean we should be able to use Upgrade Finder/Raid/Normal to search for the best gear to buy with Dinars?

I came here for the same question. I don’t see an answer

Sorry I must have missed this post.

Yes you should be able to use one of the existing searches to rank the gear you can buy. Or, you can use the “add to my bag” search to rank specific items you are looking to get. This late in an expansion, you can be pretty “greedy” in your approach – just take whatever seems like a decent upgrade right at this moment.

As soon as the Dragonflight pre-patch hits (no announcement but can’t be long), all the balance will be thrown off anyway and who knows what will be best. We’re working day and night to have something working for pre-patch to help out as we transition to Dragonflight.

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