Spiked Counterweight

Hello, I was just wondering if something is up with spiked counterweight in AMR since it seems a bit… too high?
20% above all other options seems quite overpowered and it does not seem that strong ingame. Anything going on here ?
Have a Nice holiday!

Also unrelated note. Ember of Nullification doesn’t seem to show up at all for dps even though you can both loot and use it as a dps.

Can only agree.

It doesn’t sim nearly as well through other platforms and the “Best In Slot” feature doesn’t recommend it, despite showing 10% better overall than anything else.

We’ll fix this in the next update – accidentally had the wrong scaling curve associated to it.

(There are two curves blizzard generally use for damage proc effects, one scales up a lot faster with item level and is a lot more common, for some reason this item (and a few others) uses the older and flatter scaling curve. As far as I can tell it’s pretty arbitrary when they decide to use one or the other.)

edit: we can add ember of nullification to the item lists. The effect won’t be given any value, but it will show up as an option.

i dont mind if its different then other sims, it just seems like an outlier that might need checking by yellow.