Spiritual Alchemy Stone iLevel 262 seems terribly undervalued

Hi there,
Just crafted myself a 262 Spiritual Alchemy Stone (with extra primary stat bonus from Zereth Mortis). When I go to Best in Bags and evaluate the results, that item appears dead last in my options list.
The really interesting part is that the 262 version (120 Vers / +430 Intellect proc) is rated several slots lower than the iLevel 200 version (88 Vers / +241 Intellect proc) of the same.

Any thoughts on why this would be happening? The 262 is my highest iLevel trinket; while it may or may not be #1, it certainly should not be #19 of 19. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I show the same thing. I replaced my 230 stone with a 262 stone and it’s showing the old 230 as a huge upgrade.

I am also having this exact same problem. AskMrRobot is recommending I equip my 230 ilvl Spiritual Alchemy Stone over my recently crafted 262 ilvl Spiritual Alchemy Stone. Doesn’t make any sense as the tooltip clearly makes the 262 ilvl piece superior in every category.

Here is my snapshot code: 09e07b8c064a4dd2b97ce4b6f00a18ad

We’ll fix that in the next update – they had to go changing things up and added some extra bonus IDs that are throwing off the optimizer when it’s looking up the ranking. Often we can’t predict what form the final items will take once the game goes live, so unfortunately things like this pop up from time to time.


Thanks, can confirm AMR is now recommending the correct 262 iLvl Spiritual Alchemy Stone over the 230 version. Appreciate the quick response!

Alright, it seems that it may be broken again? I am so confused as to why a 230 is better (according to AMR) than a 262 Alchemy Stone.

230 Spiritual Alchemy Stone is nothing special.
262 Spiritual Alchemy Stone was crafted with Crafter’s Mark of the First Ones, and Infusion: Corpse Purification

I know this post is a few months late, but I am unsure if I am doing something wrong or if I am just crazy.

Snap ID:

I’ll take a look… short version is that there is a conflict in the code when it is looking up the ranking due to the extra special effect being added via crafting. One is taking priority over the other rather than looking up both of them and adding both to the item.

edit: I posted an update that should resolve this issue the next time you optimize.

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