Stacking Archive of the Titans - Not recommended?

I have two pieces of gear that grant Archive of the Titans (the second of which I used a bonus roll for, per AMR recommendations). However, when I use AMR to search for best in slot options for raid healing, AMR recommends I replace the second Archive of the Titans piece with another item (and even sacrifices 15 item levels / 97 int to do it).

I know that the buff (Reorigination Array) does not stack with multiple pieces, but it’s been confirmed that the primary stat buff in combat will stack with multiple pieces.

So, given this, I was wondering why the tool would recommend against stacking Archive of the Titans for raid healing? And if it’s working correctly, would anyone able to explain in a simple way (sorry, I’m god awful at math) why a statistically “weaker” item (97 less int) would be a better choice?

I ran a few simulations, and my current gear setup showed higher numbers than the recommend gear - but again, I’m not good at math, so I don’t have a full grasp as to why that’s happening (like whether it’s the item I’m focusing on or something else).

This is the export I’m working with. For BIS search, I narrowed it down to Mythic +2 and normal Uldir.

$64;US;Stormreaver;Soojah;Dark Horde;19;2;120;24;13:150,15:904,12:90,1:150,6:127;1;.s1;22;3133123;.s2;23;;.s3;24;;.q1;157907s3b1532b3608a278643a-10754a-3927;1s6b-3603b3247b18b1x154128;167s2b-3285b3411b1b6;287s11b-3419b3263b6e5945;910s10b-3244b3242b222;188s12b-3489b3263b6e0;155s13b-4744b1475b3263b6;999s5b-3309b3309b36a16593a-12672a716;2s1b-3345b3309b36a11956a-12673a718;26s15b-3345b3309b12;7s14b-3316b326b2975b15x0;42s16b-3321b331b2978b12x-419e1;23s8b-3321b3309b12;786s7;1806s9b-3226b3211b343;570s17b-3564b3224b340;.inv;4366;0;1590;263;729;3550;793;2217;4854;200;1;2537;137;0;0;3344;1463;0;1;0;0;1899;1346;506;925;684;687;414;176;278;121;211;572;102;631;264;327;609;2032;1648;718;2812;82;961;64;114;401;409;154;800;733;10;3663;1632;0;295;728;3783;1429;4118;2017;2;3647;0;0;0;0;0;3034;58;12;464;475;7172;1;1;1;1;6321;554;431;825;2507;240;7934;3;8;2;622;2962;2590;4172;637;0;0;42;23;1133;15;1;1;1;1;1;266;806;0;42;50;99;567;2;1452;103;0;935;130;60;1;473;65;163;2;607;298;3;11;584;1;2;341v120b5134;21v0b0;13v0b0;6;1;93;53;499;3;8;45;1;136;26;3;13;76;25;12;83;1;208;239;237;140;136;1510;1202;125;1;228;79;2;1;1;7;27;124;1357;7;11;4;3;314;0;1;0;196b-4513b29e5325;34;3556;87;41;157;140;9;166b89;2b1;41b-2b751b4b1x151005y289z2803p1542p1855p131q-2008q1817q78r-1887r2000r55;1060;246;730;1;838;1;711b317b1819;49b-3030b69b20b1025b1694;1176;23;1;3;9;4;18;62b-1597b1819;2542;296;638b-171b171;366;469;704;60;501;395;102;1;282;36;301;90;4;69;126;229;311;29;254;47;197;695;1084;33;680;2416;146;2;1;1;1;1;961;3698;85;442;1;1;199;25;122;1;50;1;15;1;1;0;0;0;1;28;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;27;0;1;0;0;2;0;47b-1819b1819e99;5;8;29;207;1;1;122;0;22;29;1;72;65;1;254;2;45;107;0;104;1;1;1;1;415;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;1;36;1;531;112v0b-1942b3108;73;0;1;2;1;0;1;5;0;0;0;6;1;1;0;0;939;1014;1300b-3284b3273b18;1b-3276b3256b20;25;9;1;1;131b-3291b3267b7b16x30;58;0;0;220v0b-26;281;353b-3249b3259b262;227b-3526b3264b216e519;16v0b-3308b3102;145b-3279b3261b6;202v0b-3094b3106;5;232;91v0b-3092b3092;3v0b-3112b3112b6;145;101;1;79;9b-27a280168a-12284a12288a-16194;14;42;71b-3298b3309b12;30b-3321b3309b12e0;64;1;1;1;23;98;299;4;225b-3321b3309b12;194;470;435;1;54;2;63;1;3;452;46;131;4;352;35;87;7;2;1;42;39$

I’ve loaded your string and I’m having a look.
Initially I didn’t see anything strange with the recommendations so I reread your post and noticed you were referring to Best in Slot, so I had a look there.

I assume you’re playing a Discipline and it’s your highest priority spec,
The item you’re referring to is the Ruffled Poet Blouse? Obviously it’s better because of it’s name and what it would look like!

I did some sims. The default raid healing script is based on heroic levels of damage, this explains the deaths.
BiB 23,871 HPS 11.56 Ally Death(s)
BiS 24,581 HPS 9.81 Ally Death(s)
BiS 24,917 HPS 8.40 Ally Death(s) with current 355 chest.

Given the high death count, although for a first kill it might be accurate, I did a few more sims reducing the damage via the NPC Damage Multiplier.
BiB 23,196 HPS 3.80 Ally Death(s)
BiS 23,963 HPS 3.26 Ally Death(s)
BiS 24,130 HPS 2.76 Ally Death(s) with current 355 chest.
BiB 22,284 HPS 0.63 Ally Death(s)
BiS 22,706 HPS 0.37 Ally Death(s)
BiS 22,885 HPS 0.43 Ally Death(s) with current 355 chest.
-25% (I think this is normal raid damage but my memory could be faulty on that)
BiB 20,729 HPS 0.01 Ally Death(s)
BiS 21,204 HPS 0.01 Ally Death(s)
BiS 21,290 HPS 0.01 Ally Death(s) with current 355 chest.

So it looks like it’s recommendations are correct but I can understand why it doesn’t make sense.
As the damage levels decrease total healing numbers also go down, as there isn’t as much missing health.
The BiB gear puts out more healing and has lower deaths, ignoring -25% as it’s not challenging enough to give a clear winner.

Having written all that up I realised you were asking why the BiS gear set didn’t use the 355 chest you had, so I ran those sims too and inserted the results above.

I suspect it’s got something to do with the way the optimiser works, the BiS result is gaining more from the other pieces it changes. It gains 56 Intellect, 1.9% haste at the cost of 1.6% critical strike, with mastery and versatility about the same.
It looks like it should have picked the chest you’ve got though.
We’ll need @Swol and/or @yellowfive to answer why!

When I do Best in Bag with the string you provided, it recommends both head and chest with Archive.

The Best in Slot isn’t using two items with Archive on them mainly because there are no items with archive that have a third ring trait as good as self reliance. That trait is causing other items to win out.

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