Stacking Defense over cap on warrior. 560+ Classic WOTLK

I understand the value of stacking defense in regards to the mitigation it offers but should I really be prioritizing blue sockets with defense gems instead of stamina and defense meta gem over stamina meta, well over defense cap. My gear is not great, still gearing after swap from main. I’ve been tanking on a pro pally and this wasn’t much concern(super tanky). I’m taking on a new MT role in Ulduar on Warrior and my HP may be cause for concern in 25 man. Any suggestions maybe setting cap priories or should I leave it default. Thanks

Snapshot ID:

Also your BIS Generic Protection Warrior is showing 581 defense… I have always enjoyed using Mr. Robot from Retail to classic now but this doesn’t seem correct. Please address.


Without diving too deep because I don’t have access to WotLK (don’t play it), I just searched for a BiS list for prot warrior. It has 566 defense so it’s probably not too far off from what you should expect. Hopefully staff can help you out more here tho.

In that snapshot you have 561 defense… seems fine? Or are you only looking at Best in Slot?

Defense is still a good stat beyond where you are immune to crits… the current model is favoring avoidance a little more than raw stamina. It’s always a bit of personal taste how much to favor one or the other, and it’s tough to definitively say which will keep you alive more reliably – assuming we’re in reasonable ranges where you have a decent amount of health already, which we are.

If stacking stamina is more popular though, I’m happy to adjust the model to favor more stamina – I can do that in the next update.

I’m looking at my warrior and the BIS. It would be nice to add the Stat Thresholds to allow maximum of 540. That would fix it completely. I see you can select crit immune but that doesn’t work in this instance.