Staff already in inventory marked as upgrade

Hey Everyone,

as you can see below, AMR suggests to reroll on Ghuun to get the staff I already equipped and tells me that staff is a 0.29% upgrade. That is abviously wrong.

Can anyone explain why this is happening?

Problem now is: if there are errorts like this in the calcularion, what else, if not everything is wrong?

Here is my import:

Cheers Striky

I don’t think there’s anything wrong here - that behaviour seems to be caused by your optimization settings.

You’re currently using Coastal Surge as an enchant on your staff which apparently simulates to being a tiny bit weaker than other enchants but not enough to be recommended. During setup of Best in Bags you can change the threshold on Gem and Enchant changes which is set to 0.5% by default. This means that AMR will not change gems or enchants for such a small difference.

If you get a new staff you could use a different enchant without overwriting the old one so that threshold doesn’t apply which in turn would cause that new staff to be that tiny bit better.

Good catch… I’ll give some thought to maybe taking into account that threshold in the upgrade finder in a way that avoids apparently conflicting rankings between that and best in bags.