Stamina threshold not working?


The best in bags feature doesn’t seem to be working correctly when using a custom stamina threshold.
I have a simple two threshold setup… 9% ranged hit and 7500 stamina, but sometimes it selects gear giving 9000+ stamina at the expense of dps%. It doesn’t seem to stop adding stamina after the threshold is reached.

Updated with a simpler example: with the default dps build, health is 5700 which is too low for heroics. If I use a custom setup with one threshold of 7500 health, BiB maxes gear with 10K health with an 11% reduction in DPS. I can manually lock items, enchants, and gems to achieve a balance of 7500 health with an acceptable 3% reduction in DPS, but I would think BiB should do this automatically.

I am not able to reproduce your case where you set a threshold for stamina and the optimizer continues to stack more stamina beyond that. Could you make a snapshot of that case?

When I load the snapshot you provided, I see that you have locked in specific items to get what you want. If I unlock everything and let the optimizer do what it wants, it puts you right where you would expect based on your custom thresholds.


This snapshot has everything unlocked with custom thresholds ranged hit of 9% and Stam of 750. BiB gears for 9200 health with a 9% reduction in DPS

Your character has some amount of base health that is not gained from stamina. 750 stamina doesn’t give you exactly 7500 health. The optimizer is getting you as close to 750 stamina as it can, like you are asking (you can’t actually reach it). If you want to gear for a specific amount of health, you need to reduce the stamina threshold until you are where you want to be.

I think hunters have about 2500 base health that does not come from stamina.