StarterHealer : Mistweaver Feet Legendary

Hi AMR !
I try the BiS just to see what’s AMR can give me, i got this:
Witch is, yeah, not that bad.
I change the legendaries because i don’t like it. I was wondering about the feet witch improve vivify:

So i improve my HPS by changing the legendary. The first feet was not the Bis ? Probably missing data to get a good result on legendaries, right ?

I also did it by changing the rotation, using a fully Vivify. So i got this:
No feet: Not Available
feet : Not Available
(There some changes in gear here, so those result are not relevant but the rotation did improve )

I’m feeling like there is some wrong data around the feet or maybe not enough ?


We have not created gearing strategies based on the new healing simulations yet. Right now we are in the testing phase of the new healing simulations.

We will be making 7.2.5 gearing strategies for healers based off of the new simulations. Also, as you noticed, the rotations and scripts are labeled “starter” because they are not totally worked out yet.

For mistweaver, you might have noticed that I also have a second rotation that uses a different play style, which actually does more HPS. Might be worth checking out if you are interested.

I was trying to do the gearing with the client using the new rotation, but can’t finish it, the client crash during the phase 0 :/. Can’t do the sim with older rotation but i had the same result before with the feet. (I give up on analyse it because i don’t have the legendary anyway).

Monk rotation is not that bad and relatively alike logs. In the other hand, and their is a lot to do before 7.2.5 so don’t hurry, i was just trying more things. For the 7.2.5, i wonder if the full vivify is better, we will see after the patch up on live !

You speak about the Shaohao rotation ? I tried it yesterday and i did less healing and now i’m doing more ? xD I will go on it for sure !

With the cooldown they added to Essence Font along with the healing buff - I’ve been finding that using Essence Font right at the start of a heavy AoE healing phase is worthwhile.

Even with the boots… I think that channeling an Essence Font first would be good in an AoE situation - at least that’s what I’ve seen with the simulations so far.

I will have a 7.2.5 build ready soon for people to play with - right now I’ve just been working on it internally.

With the live version of mistweavers… I never really understood how people could get good results by using so much Essence Font… the math doesn’t add up. It’s just too expensive.

I’ve been experimenting in-game with using a heavy Effuse patch heal and lots of Sheilun’s Gift/Shaohao strategy. I’ve been getting good results. The 7.2.5 changes make it even better, since using an Essence Font to start things off is more worthwhile.

In first, i think of it too, but they didn’t buff it, they buff Vivify. So, if i can do more healing in 7.2 using only vivify, it will be the case in 7.2.5. The only case where EF is better maybe on a boss with “little dmg” on everyone like Nythendra. We will see on live, that speculation.

Don’t play too mutch with the 7.2.5, we want to use it too :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree ! Spamming Essence Font is way to weak on Krosus for exemple. Monk should do healing like a burst, not using some kinds of hots like Druid. But i understand, Essence Font is easier to use… No need to think on who, just think on having the raid around us.

Expensive in mana ?

I will try on my next raid Effuse + Sheilun, i never thinks of it !

The buffed the healing of Essence Font for 7.2.5!

It is 110% spell power on live, and 135% on PTR.

The HoT is 36% on live and 48% on the PTR.

Ho well yeah xD
Forget what i say … I was thinking they didn’t add these changes because it was too powerfull
Do not know why i think that but anyway you’re right xD. So totally right on using EF on Aoe