Stat Weights for MW Monk and Mythic+

I am relatively new to MrRobot. I have been trying to figure out a custom stat weight for running Mythic+ as a MW Monk, but i can’t seem to come up with decent numbers. I have tried running the WAGO RDSW tool and using weights from that, but it still doesn’t seem right.

Does anyone have some stat weights I can drop in specifically for a MW Monk running Mythic+ instances?

I answered this for another spec yesterday:

Mythic+ weights for healers are coming soon.

thank you very much!

how long should I wait ?

Well, the script is available in the simulator now. You could make a custom strategy at any time. We are cranking through the weights for all the specs, but it takes a ton of CPU time.

Know how to do it, there are monks who can help?

If there are people who want to help get the gearing strategies out on the website faster, they should consider joining the global network. Our main bottleneck is CPU time, so if folks aren’t using their computers all the time they can let us run some simulations on them:
So I did a simulation with the myth, but how do I find the required weights of the stats

And yes I’ll join so you can do the simulations on my computer

Ah, I understand your question now. If you want to be able to rank gear with a custom strategy, you have to run a “gearing strategy” type simulation. It can take a long time - an hour or two depending on your computer.

Here is a guide on how to set it up:

You don’t nee to worry about step 4 anymore. For a healing gearing strategy on mythic+ you will want to make sure to set your mythic+ level to something challenging for your character. But not something so hard that everyone dies.

If you run a single simulation and set the output level to log, the report has a section labeled “other”. If you expand that, you will see how many times your allies died. Aim for a mythic+ level where your allies die between 0 and 1 time, on average.

Excellent, made a simulation, which lasted 4-5 hours and gave out these weights of the stats thank you so much.

Has launched your program, and connected to the global network, I schedule the schedule, do I have to do anything else? I assume you will use the power of the computer yourself?

Yeah, just have to have it running – we take care of scheduling simulations. It should say something like “running global network simulation…” when it is doing work. It won’t always be running something, but it should be pretty frequent over the coming weeks, especially with 7.3 not that far off.

I decided to make a new simulation, after the recent update of your program.
As a result, my character in the mythical dungeon gave such weight to the stats. They are very different from the previous ones. In the old speed and skill was on one level, slightly less critical. And in the new, the weight of the stats for the critical is high, and for speed is zero. Usually in myths


Than to believe?

It looks like you probably had the mythic+ level set really high? Maybe mana was a large issue in the simulation, causing haste to be worth a lot less?

I’d have to have some links to the actual simulations so that we could take a look. In general I suggest making your strategy at a mythic+ level where there aren’t a lot of ally deaths happening in the simulation.

I spent 5 simulations at night, the settings were the same everywhere, here are the results:

And everywhere there were different results, I’m confused, which of the strategies for selecting uniforms, I choose.
In general, I expected to see the weight of the stats about such (taken from the site

Haste = Mastery;
Critical Strike.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong