Stat Weights - Fury Warrior

Hi guys,
i´m sorry my english is not so good. I don´t understand something with the stat weights by using best in bags. Normaly my fury warrior need 20% Haste, after using best in bags and export to the addon i become 10% Haste. When i sim my character is my important second stat Haste! Can i configurate AMR that it will use a haste cap with 20%.

You can use the “customize” section to adjust how much of each secondary stat the optimizer tries to get on your gear. It is not set up to go for a specific %, but you can play around with it to push it towards what you prefer.

That being said, the solution that the optimizer picks for you will give you the best results. Sometimes that means it doesn’t get the exact stats you would expect. This is usually because you have limited gear options available to you at the time. The optimizer is good at making the best of what you have.

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