Stat weights - How to generate a custom gearing strategy

Here’s a picture tutorial - follow the top half to generate weights super-custom to you. And then the bottom half shows you how to activate the machine learning portion.

I also have a blog post that walks through generating a custom setup based on variations for Krosus. If you are fast or slow to move for fel beams, we have you covered. Or if you are a dual wielder and want to gear for the bug where DW’s don’t miss on Krosus, we also have that covered.

I’ve tried this several times. This most recent time, it states that it should take an hour. It’s been FAR longer than that.

step 0/16, 2170 completed…

Am I doing something wrong?

Depending on the spec and fight you chose, it can sometimes take much longer… also depends a lot on your computer. What kind of CPU and how many threads is it running on? Which spec and which boss script are you using?

I don’t remember all the details so I am making a new one.
Settings for the simulator:

CPU Intel Core i7-6700K
RAM: 32 GB
WIndows 10

Simulator says it is using 8 threads.

Still running Step 0/16, 1500 completed Run time is current 1h 39m
WEll it’s done finally. 3076 Setups a little over 4 hours to complete. Still WAY longer than the estimated 1 hour run time.

Healer simulations can take a lot longer to run and you’re playing the special hybrid one.
Just be patient and let it finish.
I’d leave my tank ones going while I slept, it almost feels like they’re instant as while I’m asleep I’m not waiting for it to finish. :wink:

Hello! I’m new here and this is my first post so if i’m posting in the wrong place or something, or if this has already been answered somewhere (haven’t found anything yet though) i’m sorry.

So, the thing is: I’ve been following the picture tutorial for how to generate custom stat-weights but i seem to be unable to get the desktop application/ client working for me. When i try and start it (amr.exe / the program) it more or less immediately closes for me - aka it doesn’t want to stay open and run for me! So when i then click simulate on the website it repeadetly tells me to download the client or to run it. I’ve tried downloading the client several times and it still won’t work!

Hope you’re able to help me!

Best regards, and happy easter! :baby_chick:

Sounds like it is encountering an error. If you open a console window and then run it, you should be able to see the error message because the window won’t close automatically. Easiest way to do that, in the folder in file explorer where amr.exe is, make sure no file is selected, and shift+right click in some empty spot in the window. A menu should open with the option to “open command window here”, choose that. Then type “amr” at the command prompt to run the program. Let us know what error it shows when you do that, and we can go from there.

Failed to load the dll from [F:\AskMrRobotClient\hostfxr.dll], HRESULT: 0x800700
The library hostfxr.dll was found, but loading it from F:\AskMrRobotClient\hostf
xr.dll failed


I copied everything in the command window.

I see that it urges me to go and download a windows driver routine or whatever it is, should i do it?
Cause the thing is that i don’t have “real” windows os - it’s a “pirated” windows 7 os that was on the pc when i bought it (a self built pc that i bought 2nd hand). If i remember correctly there has been other troubles before that i’ve encountered that have been solved by going and download a certain windows update so that perhaps is the solution here aswell? =)

And thanks for responding btw ^^

If you run windows update, it should solve the problem. Alternatively yeah, you can install the .NET Core prerequisites manually. You would just need to do step 1 here:

I did as you said and downloaded the .NET Core prerequisites but it still won’t work. I even tried restarting the computer, reinstalling the client, and yes i made sure my Avast excludes the entire file for askmrrobot client and wow.
Still the same issue. And i tried with the command window and recieved the same response as the one i posted before.
Shall i download the “Visual Studio 2017” aswell?

I got it to work!!

I tried by searching on google the line from the command window: “Failed to load the dll from [F:\AskMrRobotClient\hostfxr.dll], HRESULT: 0x800700 57” and found: Failed to load the dll from [C:\Program Files\dotnet\host\fxr\1.0.1\hostfxr.dll], HRESULT: 0x80070057 · Issue #6662 · dotnet/sdk · GitHub

From there i found the uppdate at: Microsoft Security Advisory: Insecure library loading could allow remote code execution - Microsoft Support , and installing that and then restarting the pc did the trick! :grinning:

Thank you for your help yellowfive <3

Cool – yeah weird that they don’t install the prerequisites with the SDK… guess they really rely on windows update for windows users.

@Zoopercat @yellowfive Is Ursoc still the go to for single-target simulations, or should we be using Krosus now?

I like krosus because it has some realistic movement in it. It is about as pure of a “real” single-target tunnel you will find in game.

We still need to update ursoc with the real movement in that fight too, e.g. he charges away, or you have to dodge or soak.

Target dummy - DPS is the “patchwerk” style fight if you want to do theory on a perfect situation or compare to simc, but I wouldn’t recommend choosing gear based on it.

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I was just rereading the Stat weights - How to generate a custom gearing strategy guide.

I want to generate a custom strategy and I want to if possible do it with AMR. I’ve tried to get pawn strings from SimC too but so far that hasn’t helped me do what I want to do.

In my case let’s say I want Haste rating MINIMUM 12000 and I know I have gear combinations to do it.

Is the follwing correct for doing this?

  • I put the gear on I think is close including legendaries. I build a Gearing Strategy for Krosus (this is a single target strategy I want)
  • I click off Machine Learning to Stats
  • Now I use the numbers you have but just raise Haste to my minimum?
  • Save it
  • Run a single run sim
  • Check dps
  • Modify the offset by 1000 to 10000 back and forth in either direction and recheck dps until I find a good offset where the number is not getting significantly lower by altering it?

Follow up to my own post.

I equipped Emerald Dreamcatcher, got my haste in the 30% region then simmed with AMR gearing strategy.
This gave me a strategy
Selected weights instead of Machine Learning
It had Haste and Mastery both at about 13 which only gave me < 15% haste or so
I kept upping the haste number until it gave me desired haste. Ended up changing from 13.25 → 29
With this gearing strategy I now get an 899 ilevel (vs 904 for my aoe gear)

Can you give me your character name and realm (or better yet, paste the text-string that you use for best in bags). I’ll run some tests for you and help out.

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Sent it in PM. Thanks so much.

Hi, so far I understand the simulation aspects but the bit I’m missing is how to turn this into a tooltip that says “This item is a x% upgrade” when looking at drops. I could manually create a Pawn string but hoping there’s a more AMR AddOn friendly way of doing this.