Stat weights in the BiB

I had the BiB and the upgrade finder telling me that I should be looking for the ring off of Sylvanas as a resto druid. My raid leader asked my why I didn’t want a ring with a lot of haste as the logs of top r druids all have high haste rings. I was curious so I dug into the stat graph a bit to see the breakdown of crit and haste in the optimal graph. I noticed that I can only set the player item level to a max of 233. I’m already 246 equipped. Is this a problem? Does it have an bearing on the suggestions of the BiB feature?

That doesn’t have any effect on the suggestions for BiB.

Our healing gear recommendations are often significantly different than other popular sources of information. This is because we do our own theorycraft based on a simulation model of the game. We are the only people doing healing simulation. Because of this difference in approach, you will see a different result.

I have done a lot of healing in WoW and I have tested the recommendations our system creates in-game. It works very well. I always parse extremely well for my item level - and more importantly I keep people alive in my raids :wink:

Our recommendations are for difficult fights where you are mana-limited. In those situations, haste is not a particularly good stat. If you are in a group where you are not mana-limited and you are worried more about particular small parts of fights with high healing requirements, I could see more of a use for haste. Use the “customize” tools to change the stat breakdown if you prefer. On my raid team, we only have 11 or 12 people and I have to be a “jack of all trades” so I heal with almost no haste - I have to push my mana to the limits, even with innervates.

I love the healing sims you guys do! Thanks for the insight. Makes sense. I can go back with that logic :wink: