Static Cast Sequence in Rotation

I’m trying to create an static sequence of casts in my custom rotation for Paladin retribution. I’m using the Action List to achieve that, but doesn’t seems to work as intended. I need to cast some specific spells at the opening then on every burst.

Everything seems to work as intended for the Opening but the Action List doesn’t respect my condition for AW.

I’m sure I did something wrong, but don’t know how to achieve this.

It can be a bit difficult to make the simulator do a static sequence of casts… it’s not really set up like that. It is designed to execute as a priority list.

We have the “once” flag to help out with static openers – after executing that line once, it is removed from the action list for the rest of the fight.

In general we have found that priority lists work better both in simulation and in the game itself. If you’re going for something specific, we could probably give some pointers on how to tweak the simulator to do what you want, or close to it.

I see, hopefully I should be able to adapt the rotation to make it work as a priority list, thanks for the information !

Another question, a bit offtopic, now that we have the essence [Vision of Perfection], it can proc our Avenging Wrath randomly with a much shorter duration. Sadly I don’t know of to sync my trinkets anymore to make it work only with the “real” cooldown and not those random proc ?

You could try checking the amount of time remaining on avenging wrath in your conditions to distinguish the short one from the longer ones, e.g.

BuffRemainingSec(AvengingWrath) > 20

(Or check for Crusade if you have that talent.) You might need to play around with the time threshold in your conditions depending on how things time up, but that might do what you want.

Perfect ! Thanks :slight_smile: