Statically Set Lego for BiB/BiS

I like to offer the suggesting of allowing the player to set which legendary they want to be wearing and then do a BiB/BiS comparison. As much work as you put into your sims and gear suggestion, it always recommends the wrong Lego. I compare leveraging you sims, simcraft, and target dummy. And your BiB suggest is always the lower. I manually have to go through pawn and do piece by piece and readjust stats. If you look in the forums you see a lot of this as well.

If i can statically set the Lego and then just do a BiB comparison after that. I think we would get a lot more use and accuracy. As it stands now, since i am not getting good recommendation, i question my subscription.

Is this something possible, that we could see in the future?

In the gear optimizer you can lock in specific items and it will optimize around those selections. See this post for example.