Stats weight classic

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Is it possible to have stats weight after use best in bags like in retail ? :slight_smile:

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We don’t really show stat weights on the retail site - we should some statistics that tell you what stats are most often found on high ranking gear.

It’s possible we could use the scoring function to generate a similar set of data for classic. Once we iterate on it for another week or so to work out any kinks we could see about generating that.

Could this be done please, or at least provide Pawn strings for Classic? I want to get Pawn setup the same as AMR if possible each time I do a BiB but I’m finding it impossible to do and the two often conflict.

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Hey Swol, do you think we could get a Pawn string for Classic? It would be awesome to know right off the bat if an item is an upgrade when it drops.

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It is still a possibility - we wanted to get the update out with customizable hit cap first.

Any updates on Pawn strings for classic? Would be a huge help, thank you.

I’m finding Pawn to be a bit odd, as it often tells me things are upgrades when the website says otherwise. Maybe it’s only looking at that item vs the current equipped item singularly? Seems kinda ugly if so.

Well, yes, that is exactly how Pawn and stat weights work - and have worked forever.

Stat weights just show a snapshot of how much dps you’d gain if you added 1 point of a stat on top of your currently equipped gear. Pawn then just adds up all stats on an item to show a number to estimate the strength of a specific item and compares it to the item your currently using in that slot.

That does work relatively well for direct upgrades (i.e. the exact same item a couple item level higher) but as soon as there are different stats on the compared items it does somewhat break apart.

Take a dps character currently at hit cap for example: Another percent of hit would do literally nothing so that stat would get a weight of 0. If you now get a new item with 1 attack power or spell power more than your current item with 1% hit then Pawn might show the new item as better while in reality you’re now missing 1% of your attacks and might do less damage.

AMR uses a complex model to check if you could compensate that loss on other slots and tries to include as much data as possible. Of course that will change recommendations, sometimes even drastically.