Strange Resullts

Press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then follow the instructions to generate a snapshot ID and copy it here. With that we can try your specific case and help you out.

My initial thought/input would be Corruption ‘overload’…

Yeah, it’s hard to tell with just an image and a thread title.
@carryerd we need your snapshot ID to properly help you, but I’d agree with @eighjan.
The ring it’s replacing has enough corruption to exceed the threshold you set, default is 39, in Step 2 of the BiB setup. So the only way for the optimiser to meet that threshold is to replace a corrupted item, in this case it has chosen your ring.

I’m not sure how to get a snapshot ID, but I’m having similar issues. It’s suggesting I replace my Swift Hand of Justice (2) with Communal Stone of Wisdom and Communal Idol of Wisdom, neither of which I have in my bags. The Hand of Justice are iLvL 267 where each of the Communal trinkets are iLvL 176. I’m level 117 so corruption isn’t playing a part in this. The Stone is increasing my versatility which Ask Mr. Robot is saying I do need to do, but at the cost of almost 100 iLvLs? The Idol is increasing my mastery makes even less sense as Ask Mr. Robot is saying I need to decrease. If you let me know how to give you a look into my snapshot ID I’ll be happy to provide it.

Edit: I just went to my bank, those two items are sitting in my bank which is why I didn’t see them in my bags. However, they are the trinkets I got when I boosted my character. Low level 110 gear. Why did they show better for my level 117 character than my heirloom trinkets that scaled with me? However, again, it’s kind of a moot point. Since I posted this I leveled to 119, now one of my heirloom trinkets show better than either of the two Communal trinkets. Also I picked up Heartsbane Charm iLvL 281 with +87 Versatility and equip spells and abilities have a chance to grant 352 primary stat for 10 sec. So that shows better than either of the Communal trinkets or my heirloom trinket.

We don’t fully support optimizing characters that are not max level, so it isn’t surprising you’d run into a couple oddities in that situation. Once you get to 120 and get your item level up a little bit, it all starts working better.