Strange suggestions for full defense Guardian Druid

Mr Robot has been suggesting very offensive azerite suggestions for if you select full defense. May be a bug?

That’s most likely not a bug, just an error on your side: As you can see on the left, Balance currently has a higher priority than Guardian which means AMR will optimize for Balance first. I’d guess that specific trait has been chosen for Balance and as you are probably using the same item in both specs that trait will stay.

You could move Guardian to the top (just drag an drop it above Balance) and you should probably get another trait recommendation.
If that doesn’t help you could paste your addon export string so the AMR team could take a closer look.

I would add somthing too : Dont use “All Defense” because the result are in the margin error and you can get akward result (like equip a legendary). Because after you have a certain cap of stats, you only get a small bonus to you defensif result (TUF) so go with “mostly defensive” and if you feel confident on your healer go “balanced”.
On BFA the dmg from the tank is usefull (not like in Legion). So more you do dmg more you help the raid (shorter fight, so more mana in healer’s mana pool)

Gotcha. I didn’t realize that the order of the things on the left had any bearing on gear suggestion. Glad I came back to this post I wrote so long ago because I still didn’t realize, haha.

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