Strange TBC Hunter Best in bag

Seems that AMR TBC still needs some tweaking.
It suggests to remove my current gems and go for Att power/Mp5, Str/in on head enchant, vitality on boots. on Setup i removed all buffs and debuffs, fight duration is 180 secs

Am I doing something wrong?

(export from the above image)

$6;EU;Mirage Raceway;Taxydromus;Expire;9;2;70;6:375,1:375;1;.s1;5120020052501224310510505201205000000000000000000000000000000000;.q1;16935s9t21e1891;5507s6t45;5032s10t73x31865y0e673;327s3t74x-1309y1309e153;45s16t75x0y0e505;28s7t50e-210;160s13t76;194s5t77x0y0z0e-351;47s1t78x0y544e435;270s8t81x-544y-7817e-440;212s12t83;11s17t59e566;4s18t84e-498;609s2t87;1s15t88e-2356;1s14t65;1694s11t69$@HunterBeastMastery1@Beast Mastery@e\1891\0\27905\4 Strength, 4 Agility, 4 Intellect, 4 Stamina, 4 Spirit\22445=6,22447=6@e\2564\0\25080\15 Agility\22448=3,22446=3,22451=2@e\2717\0\29483\14 CriticalStrike, 26 AttackPower@e\3222\0\42620\20 Agility\22445=8,22446=4,22449=6,22451=2@e\3012\0\35490\12 CriticalStrike, 50 AttackPower@e\2661\0\27960\6 Strength, 6 Agility, 6 Intellect, 6 Stamina, 6 Spirit\22449=4,22445=4,22446=4@e\3096\0\37891\17 Strength, 16 Intellect@e\2656\0\27948\4 HealthRegen, 4 ManaRegen\22445=6,13446=4,13444=4@e\2724\0\30260\28 CriticalStrikeRanged@e\368\0\34004\12 Agility\22446=1,22445=4,22451=1@e\1593\0\34002\24 AttackPower\22445=6@e\2564\0\23800\15 Agility\14344=6,16203=6,16204=4,7082=2@e\3003\0\35452\16 Hit, 34 AttackPower@e\2657\0\27951\12 Agility\22446=8,22445=8

Try posting the snapshot.
My suggestion. You can leave the fight duration up to 180 seconds, but make sure you have selected the Mana Tide totem buff / Judgement of Wisdom debuff / Mana Pots
With this, it should prio Agi instead of MP5.
Basically AMR is looking at your fight and considering your lack of mana, so in order to increase your dps, it needs to increase your mana pool and mana regen.

Edit: In a way, try to consider every single buff / consumable you can realistically get in a 25M raid environment…

Yes, use the buffs, debuffs, and consumables you will actually have/use. Telling the optimizer to give you the best gear for a 180 second fight with no buffs or consumables is not going to be very representative of your in-game situation.

If you don’t have enough mana for the fight, it will make sense to get more mana to use more abilities. The scaling of the gear in TBC is weird like that. The base damage of abilities is high enough that it is often a more efficient use of stats to get mana to have more uses of abilities instead of a little extra damage per ability.

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so how do we know what a good fight time and buffs setup is for say gruuls or mags? also why does it always suggest attack gems over agility gems for hunter?

Set the fight time to your actual fight time that you think you will have.

I’d need you to post a snapshot regarding the gems. When I look at a default BiS for a beast mastery hunter, I’m seeing agility gems chosen.

c44be474abbc45b79200eb4fbef71a63 is the snapshot. this is for BiB it is showing ap gems for default settings

Looking at your Snapshot, I noticed a few things why AMR wasn’t suggesting Agility gems.

#1 You didn’t have Kings selected
#2 Your talent choice isn’t the most optimal one for Raid DPS
#3 No consumables

Your talent tree

Optimal BM talent

Just with these changes, AMR started to pick Agility gems over AP ones.
Here’s the snapshot: 7e69bcb0a8d6461fbcfa4d17851bf93a

odd that it shows that. thanks for all the help. yea my talent changed a while ago and I just grabbed a new talent tree setup a few days ago when I hit 70 and grabbed a new copy paste from the addon so not sure why it didnt update

We import your talents the first time for convenience. After that, you need to manually adjust your talents that you use for optimization. This is because you might e.g. change some talents temporarily in-game to do a specific activity, but you don’t want your optimization to change. Or, you might have two optimization setups for the same spec with different talents… you wouldn’t want us to blow away those talent selections every time you import.