Strategy and Legendaries

I have two sets for elemenal shaman, one optimized using multi-target strategy and another with single target. Both of them equip different legendaries. At some point I decided to make a single sim with no buffs at all and suddenly it turns up that Multitarget optimized gear do more dps. Checked that twice and even with buffs Multi Target Optimized Strategy win on Single Target Simulation.

Maybe I do something wrong? (My snapshot: 739fc31e5d0e4dfd9603f198b8c3d322)

And by the way when you change anything on character or setup tab in simulator it is also changes the consumables settings on settings tab. Since we don’t have any presets for simulator settings its quite annoying.

In this case, you’re right that the simulator gets a little more damage with guantlets of the great sundering. It’s quite difficult to completely predict every simulation result with our pre-generated data that we use for the gearing strategy. This isn’t thaaaat far off - it’s pretty close to the margin of error that we aim for.

We’re going to be re-calculating all the data soon for 9.1.5, so we’ll take a look and see if we can get the predictions for this talent combo to track a little closer to the individual simulation results.