Strom'kar, the Warbreaker (iLvl 152) Second-best in slot for Arms Warrior?

I have read this post and still have a question.

My question is: Best in Bags says I should trade my iLevel 435 Coralshell Halberd for my Legion artifact weapon Strom’kar, the Warbreaker (iLvl 152). The proc on the artifact is vague: “Grants the Warbreaker ability, which deals massive damage in an area and makes opponents vulnerable.” The best in slot list shows only one weapon better than this one. Is this proc so good that I should go back to the artifact? Or is this just an odd bug in the calculations?


Hoy !

Could you share a “snapshot link” using the help button on top of BiB ?

And post the code you get here :

Sorry for being dense, but where do I get the snapshot ID? I click the Help link and the dialog comes up but there’s no ID, it says to paste it in. Where does it come from?

EDIT: Figured it out. You forgot to mention you have to click the “CREATE SUPPORT POST” button.

Snapshot ID: 4bf8aae0c1b24b63a5383cccb3c2a169

Here’s another for my mage that shows 2 old items: 760e9de978a348b195941875ead0b5c6

So, AMR seems to be AMR working perfectly fine there.

During setup you can choose a maximum amount of Corruption you’d like to have on your gear. By default this is set to 39, i.e. two negative effects (the slow and the eye) which is what most players should be comfortable playing with.
In your specific example you currently own three items with Corruption: Bracers with 15, Legs with 20 and Weapon with another 35. Combined this adds up do 70 Corruption which your cloak at rank 1 reduces to 65. This is still far higher than the maximum of 39 your currently allowing and AMR has to remove at least one of those items to find a possible equipment set.

Seeing as you do not have that many alternatives, changing your weapon would be the only possible solution.

If you want to use that much Corruption, you just need to tell AMR to allow a higher amount at the bottom of the “Setup” tab.

Makes sense, thanks!