Stuck on ilvl 900 gear stat goal

The most recent 1hr long sim I run was using Ursoc, and by default it gives me “ilvl 904 stat goal”.

I have just now run the 1hr long sim again using Krosus, and it’s giving me new gear recomendations. problem is, I notice that the text has changed to “ilvl 900 stat goal”.

I’m not 900, and in the pre-sim settings, it says right there:

Gear: 904 average item level

So what happened? Is this a bug, or should I run the 1hr long sim again? I didn’t think changing it from Ursoc to krosus would have this effect.

Did you run your strategy with a max item level of 900?

Ah, THERE we go!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Heh, np. You can probably raise the minimum to something like 880 also with your gear.