Subscription Price Increase

Hey Guys,
Just writing to vent my feelings about the price increase which I was absolutely unaware of.
Because it was just a dollar, I had that subscription running without ever thinking to update it or even look at it on my bank statements.
I just happened to notice that it increased to $2.
While this is still a good price, it’s the fact that I was completely unaware of the increase that has me upset.
I spoke to a few other people I know that also had premium subscriptions, and all of them were also shocked to discover the increase.

On top of all of this, now that I have unsubscribed and just using the basic account, I’ve discovered that the ONLY thing I can use the website for is Best In Slot and the Simulator. EVERY other feature requires Premium access.

So, goodbye Mr. Robot. You were great from the start to this point and I thank you for the years of service.

We have not changed the price of premium for the entire time that we have had premium (since 2011). We have always offered two ways to pay: annually and monthly. If you pay monthly, it is $2/month. If you pay annually, it is $12/year (which averages to $1/month).

We would never make a price change without first notifying all existing customers well in advance.

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