Suggested neck affix not available

I have read this post and still have a question.
I had a chestpiece in my bags that hadn’t been improved and it was a lvl 445 piece. yet, AMR sees it as a 450 piece and therefore tells me to change one of the azerite abilities to something that isn’t even available. The third power suggestion was Whirl but Whirl wasn’t available. Gutripper, Crystalline Carapace and Overwhelming Power were. So not sure what to do.

  • Link to my character on AskMrRobot:
  • Link to my log

For what i understand we are speaking about an azerith piece ? The Chestplate to be exact.
AMR considere the +5 ILvl from the last point you can put in (The on in the center).

But it possible that their is a wrong id in AMR’s head and you see an azerith not available.
Also could you link the “Snapshot ID” (you can get it by clicking on the “help link” in the Best In Bag.

(It could just be an azerith like the one for paladin where if you are Holy, you need to put yourself in ret spec to take it and then swap back to Holy, the particular trait is an improvement on both spec)