Suggestion: Addon/Export creating sets for different scripts/sims (ST, AoE, M+)

Would it be possible for the Export function on the website as well as the addon to support multiple gear sets so you could simultaneously import gearsets for single-target fights, AoE fights and M+?

I tend to use the BiB and then import, save that set with a different name, then swap to another sim result, import, rinse and repeat as necessary.

It’d be great to be able to at least import a set and have the set named after the script/simulation I use, so that at least it’d save me a step. If perhaps the sets just added a suffix to show the category tag for the boss/script that’d work for me :slight_smile:

Yes – multiple gear sets per spec is on our short list of things to add. First we’re working on a big update for 7.2.5. Once those changes are done, we will start working on a significant update to the in-game addon and related features.


Thanks Y5; as usual this is awesome :smiley:

Hey there.
I was wondering if you had any news on this topic?

They’re still working on 7.2.5 stuff – they still have a huge amount to do. They still have tanks and healers to script for after they finish the DPS.

Any update? Tried search and didn’t find anything.

Still in the works. Netherlight crucible and stuff slowing us down.

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