Suggestion: AMR to help get rid of unnecessary gear

I confess, I’m a hoarder. I have lots of gear in my bags in case AMR want to shift around some of them when I get one upgrade. However, sometimes so do I come across that I have a gear that will always win over another piece I have. I would love if AMR could spot this and say “Hey, you could DE/sell this item”.

As an example, I have these two:

All stats on the second item/link are higher then the first item/link, making it “safe” to DE/sell the first item since the second will ALWAYS win over the first.

EDIT: The links got screwed up, don’t contain my bonus-settings. But you get the point.

Searching is always useful before posting. This has been asked several times already and they intend to do it when they have time.

I must also confess, I had a hard time finding the answer through searches, but I am also a self proclaimed ‘bad googler’ (I never seem to pick the right terms).

Anyway, this is something we really want to do. We have a few other higher priority big project, but it is definitely on the list. It will require quite a bit of design because we don’t want to tell someone to sell something that might be good later. So we have a few ‘smarts’ and filter-type things to put in. Should be a fun though :slight_smile: