Suggestion: Boss Gear / Trash Gear (Hit Cap)


as far as i understand the BiS suggestions are always going for hit cap.
As a mage i only need the 16% for bosses, everything under level 63 is covered by Elemental Precision.

An option to select a boss mode or just select the % hit i am going for would be very nice.
With that i can easily put a boss and trash gear together - with the help of your mathematical precision :slight_smile:


Neither BiB nor BiS will force any specific hit value by itself as that’s very often mathematically worse than using overall stronger items. Having some hit is obviously good but the current focus on being hit capped at all times is not necessarily something simulations / calculations support. :wink:

You can use the “Customize” tab on BiB and BiS to set specific thresholds you want to reach, i.e. a specific hit value:

To get less hit we would have to add a mode with a lower hit cap for lower-level targets. If there is enough demand for it, we can consider adding it.

So far we haven’t seen many people ask for it though – most non-raid content isn’t that tough compared to raiding, so if you have a little too much hit it doesn’t matter that much.

Well it isn’t about non-raid content, it’s about everything except bosses :slight_smile:
Trash in MC or BWL has level 60-62, so i’m allready hit capped for them without gear.

For example the BiS list (BWL, ZG, without world bosses) shows me Bloodtinged Gloves. Why? I think because of the hit. Hands of Power or even Netherwind Gloves should be better in raw spell damage.
Don’t know how much more is possible leaving the hit ratio behind.

In MC and ZG there is a lot of trash, in BWL some. More spell damage, less time. Think most players i raid with have a boss gear and a trash one. Changing gears is only one click (with an addon).

Would be great if people out there would support the suggestion :wink:
If i’m the only one it’s ok.


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Another practical example would be my BiB list. 25b896f5841841c88a20c351b84bbe86
Bloodvine Vest is new, so it tells me to wear it.

Spell Power 369 -30
Spell Crit 8.91% -1.88%
Spell Hit 13.00% +4.00%

So i loose spell power and crit - but as a “mathematical” result +1.14% DPS. Correct me if i’m wrong but this +1.14% DPS should only count for level 63 encounters, thanks to +4% hit.
I know, no huge numbers there (i have only MC/ZG gear) - but i think it shows what a mean.


That trash is part of what he’s referring to. :wink:

The only thing which makes trash hard is having no way to stop people turning auto-follow on and tabbing out to watch a video, or check FB, etc.

If you want to optimise for trash there’s nothing stopping you making a trash setup and saving it to a gear set, it doesn’t need to be as optimal as possible because it’s trash, you’ll kill it anyway.
Personally I haven’t bothered for a while, forgetting to change back to the boss setup is more costly than having too much hit on trash.

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Yeah – the extra hit won’t help you on trash. But if you are doing 1, 2, 5% less damage on trash compared to some other gear setup… it doesn’t really matter. It will have a negligible impact on your group’s ability to get through that content at a good pace.

For that kind of content that doesn’t really require optimization, we usually tell people to just go ahead and manually swap an item or two if they want a boost on trash or easier enemies. Another approach would be to exclude some of your higher hit items from the optimizer when making a set for trash.

We can put a low-level target mode on the list of possible future enhancements though, and keep an eye on other people requesting this.

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I know we and others will still handle the trash with less damage. But i thought Ask Mr. Robot is all about optimizing my gear. And as a DD that means a much damage as possible :slight_smile:
And i and the others top DDs (in my guild) for sure don’t watch a video during trash because we want to be on top of the hill :wink:

Last MC run i had about 600k on trash and 1,2 or 5% from that isn’t a really small number (nor a great, i know). But it is a difference.

Long story short, if i am the only one and/or the effort is too high i can live with that :slight_smile:
But some sort of option (e.g. a dropdown with hit i am going for) would be (very very very) nice. I need 0% thanks to skills, warlocks i think need 5% (for level 62 and below).

Kind of similar with my hunter alt. As troll with bow i need only 6% (instead of 9%) for bosses and i think 3% for everything below level 63.


PS A lot of “i think” because i’m no theorycrafter, thats why i use this side.

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Just an FYI regarding support for lower than level 63 targets: it would take a bit of work. One of the ways we were able to get the classic site done relatively quickly and efficiently was by assuming a level 63 target. Turning that into a setting will require refactoring the scoring functions for most classes.

All caster DPS need this feature please - would be great to automatically have 2 sets - 1 for bosses with upto 16% hit and one for trash with only 5% hit.