Suggestion: Displaying the best Selected Consumables

I read from a previous thread that if you select all the consumables for a class/spec, then AMR will select the ones that provide the best DPS increase and ignore the others (e.g. if you select all 55 consumables, AMR will pick the best flask, food, potion, oil, sharpening stone, etc of the ones selected).

Would it be possible to display all of the consumables that AMR used in the final result of its optimisation? That way, people can select all the consumables, and it should tell them which ones are best for your setup.

For example, if I select all 55 consumables, and the best one is Haste Potion, Flask of Relentless Assault and Brilliant Wizard Oil, then it should display them to the user.

We don’t actually try different consumable combinations in the optimization, but we have a predetermined priority order for e.g. flasks depending on your spec, so if you choose two it picks the highest priority one. We could document that for people.