Suggestion for an improvement to loot sources

I think instead of having a search box on the upgrade list which is not entirely filtering as expected a dropdown menu with checkboxes would be nice to select the raid tier and the difficulty levels you are intrested in.
I am not entirely intrested in mythic Tomb of Sargeras when there is still a lot of upgrades for the guild in heroic mode.
If the personal gear upgrades are close to 0 in a specific level,even with a chance for forged gear, or if you use team optimizer for the raid group, you can still reccomend to try a higher level.

For dungeons it would be nice if you could include the multiple tier levels so that you can decide which m+ dungeon to run this week primarily and below which treshold level you shouldn’t waste your time trying to find a group.
Your reccomended M+ dungeonlevel is +13 (as your lowest item is 895) , you should do arway.
Something like that.

You do this via the options. Click the funnel-shaped icon to the right of the strategy to open the options pane.

From there you have fine-grained control to choose what pools of gear you have access to and various other options such as M+ level. Once you set those options, your upgrade list should be more along the lines of what you appear to want.

Recommending which M+ level to run was suggested by another user a while back… it’s on the list for us to revisit.

The problem with this way (apart from the obvious thing that i missed the filtering) is that we have to choose a fixed m+ level. Items from -1 or +1 my choosen level might in other dungeons outside my +13 cathedral of the eternal night still be relevant.
Also dungeons and bosses that have no upgrade shouldn’t be displayed at all, they are just taking up space, even in collapsed state.