Suggestion: Lock All

I’d like to suggest a simple UI change that would make AMR more usable for me. I think it would be really handy to have a “Lock All” button, right next to the “Unlock All” button in the “Best in Bags” feature. The reason is that I optimize three different gearing strategies: single target DPS, multi-target DPS and tank. But I’d also like to prioritize them in that order (I only tank in case of emergencies). So if there’s a conflict for a gem, enchant or Azerite trait, I want to resolve that conflict using my list of priorities.

As it stands, my workflow goes like this:

  1. Run BiB for single target DPS
  2. Lock every gem, enchant and Azerite trait
  3. Re-run BiB for multi-target DPS
  4. Lock everything that wasn’t locked in step 2
  5. Re-run BiB for tank

Locking everything individually is tedious (and slightly error prone) so it would just be really nice to have a “Lock All” button.

Alternatively, it would be even better to be able to solve for all three of my gearing strategies, using a given prioritization to resolve conflicts, with a single click of a button. But I bet that would require a lot more work. Whereas a “Lock All” button would probably be pretty simple to implement.



If I am understanding you correctly, Best in Bags already does this. You see the specs listed on the left side of best in bags? That’s the priority order. The top spec gets first choice of items, gems, enchants, and AZ powers.

Then the next spec decides: Should I use these legs with the top-priority spec’s gems? Or use a different set of legs? And so on.

What we don’t have right now (but will be adding in soon!) is the ability to add other setups to that priority list. So you could do ST, then Multi (Same spec), then Tanking.