Suggestion: Move HoA level into Set Up

I’ve mentioned in before, but I really like the change that was made to separate the tools (BiB, Bis, Upgrade Finder and Gear Check) and to have the Set Up for each, as part of that tool, instead of having a large setup where you choosed enchant-levels, available loot from bosses etc. etc.

Some few last things are still in the “Hamburger Menu However”.

The hamburger which is somewhat too ambigous by the way. So many applications use this as a equivalent fpr “main menu”, I doubt anyone without being told will understand that this edits the character you’re viewing. Maybe having a button say “Edit” or even “Talents” would make more sense. (But I might think that Talents should not hide in this menu anyway)

However, I feel like the Heart of Azeroth level is somewhat misplaced in this optionswindow. A while ago I found myself a few percent of leveling up my Heart of Azeroth and started planning my gear around that, (being able to use those damn high level shoulders I couldn’t get any use from until i got HoA 22) so that i didn’t have to reforge my other shoulders to be my tanking shoulders and instead keep them for my DPS offspec. So to do this, I had to remember to open the hamburger menu and edit it to the level above.That’s obviously somewhat of a corner case, but I still felt like the “Set Up” was split up with the Reorigination Array being in the Set Up and HoA level being the hamburger menu.

It feels especially out of place when trying to view “Best in Slot” with the idea of “If i was to get everything i need from Uldir Heroic, which will obivously take a while, which trinket would Mr Robot actually prefer”, and forgetting that your HoA might be too low, making the BiS be some weird scenario where the luckiest man alive got carried through the raid, without ever playing enough to level up is HoA. When viewing “BiS” I feel like it would be very natural to be able to adjust your HoA for this particluar tool, just like the Reorigination Array.

The notion that a part of the recent blog post was spent on explaining how to adjust your HoA level makes me believe that you’re aware that it is a bit hard to find for new users.