Suggestion: multiple specs/strategies side-by-side

Use case: after getting a batch of new gear, I go to the scrapper, ask Mr. Robot what gear I should use for each of my three specs (prot, ret, holy), then scrap the rest. This currently takes a lot more steps than I’d like: import, “best in bags”, “find best in bags”, equip gear, click next spec, “find best in bags”, equip gear, click next spec, “find best in bags”, equip gear.

(For one or two items I find manually equipping to be faster than exporting to the add-on.)

Simple change: clicking the spec takes me straight to the results for my preferred strategy, if I want to pick a different strategy (much less likely) I can click “Back to Setup”.

Nicer: showing columns for all three specs with just the names, no gems, enchants, no analysis, just faded and high-lighted gear slots for a quick overview. Clicking a column could then take me to the usual view with details. Or perhaps something with tabs (faded for “no change”)? This, or something like it, could also be used to show multiple strategies per spec.

We are in the process of collecting feedback, so we appreciate the post! The addition of azerite definitely has created some UI challenges. So we are considering possible revisions once we get the gearing strategies all solid.

Is this to get ST & MT gear sets for one spec., or to get identical Azerite items configured for exclusive OS use?

… or both…?

All of the above and more. I wanna keep a retribution and a protection set going (so not just azerite gear but also rings, gloves, boots, etc. etc.), but I can also see others wanting to keep both ST and MT DPS sets with all that entails. In theory Mr. Robot shouldn’t care whether it’s the same spec with different strategies, or different specs, as long as there’s a priority order.

However, the main take-away from my post is: please streamline the process of viewing the BiB gear for each spec. See above for suggestions :wink:

Multiple gear sets for the same spec will be added to the site very soon. We actually have it more or less working on our development site, it just needs a bit more testing before we can put it live.


I’m glad to see my other suggestion (skip button, go straight to the results) is already live. Much much better. Thank you!