Suggestion/request: Let us change icons for Multi-BiB-setups

Right now we can change NAMES for the Multi-setups, to make a “Feral AoE”, “Feral 1tar”, etc.

Could we get the option to change name AND icon? Right now it gives it the spec’s icon. That’s great by default, but if we start adding multiple sets for 1 spec, it gets hard to differentiate when all the icons are the same

p.s. This is the best feature in the history of any Wow-related program, ever. You guys are frickin geniuses. Thank you so so much for the Multi-setup feature, I dreamed of it since I first found your wonderful site! <3

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Glad you like it! Yeah multiple sets was a pretty handy addition.

In the next addon update, I have some code that will do the following: if you have manually changed the icon on one of the equipment manager sets, it will keep your manually chosen icon the next time it updates rather than overwriting it with the default spec icon.

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