Suggestion: Rpi client for global network

There’s a ton of Raspberry Pi’s sitting around out there, might it be possible for you to provide a Debian release of the global network sim client? I’ve got 3 Pi’s at home that are on 24x7 and while they aren’t big powerhouses, they run all the time with Internet connections and I wouldn’t feel bad if they were number crunching for you all. The Rpi 3 is a quad-core 1.3GHz with 1GB ram…

If you go to the client download page there is a link to a Debian version.
The current link is

I do not have experience with Raspberry Pi’s, but if all you need is a Debian release I would think these would work (maybe with some coercing to get a usable .Net core to support the client). Zoopercat posted some help a while ago here about getting an Ubuntu install working, but it might help in pointing you towards some useful packages and install tips.

If you get it up and running I would be interested to hear about your results. I’ve been thinking about getting into RPi’s sometime, but hadn’t found a project that excited me. If this works I might pick up a couple myself.

For raspberry pi to work, it will need to support .net core, the framework that our client is written in.

The main limiting factor is ARM processor support for .net core, which is in the works, and planned for .net core 2.0, which is scheduled to release sometime in Q3 of this year.

Huh: has a beta release of dotNet core for ARM available. I think I’m gonna tinker tonight! Will let y’all know…

Yeah when I get some free time, I’m going to remove the specific Linux downloads on our site, and replace it with one that requires you to install your own version of .net core. That way Linux users can mess with .net core to fit their system, then just run our program on it once they get it working.

Ok, so I did a lot of reading and playing. Love those Pi’s…however in this case I tried it on my new Pi Zero W and got…Segmentation fault. Ugh. After much more research I find out that both the original Pi Zero and the latest Pi Zero W use the same ARMv6 architecture and the dotNet Core runtime uses instruction sets from ARMv7 architecture. So I need to plug in my Rpi3B (64bitARMv8) which will run it splendidly.

Also interestingly, there is no build process available on the RPi (yet) so you cross-build the binaries under Windows CLI and then SFTP it over to the RPi to run. Rather easy, actually. I used the following websites for info in case anyone else is interested:

  1. install for Windows: //
  2. manually install the ubuntu pre-reqs on your Raspian distro RPi: //
  3. create a few config files in your Windows install: //
  4. do the helloworld app and SFTP it over to your RPi and run it. Yay!

For the AMR client it looks like I will need to wait for the stand-alone program to be separated from the runtime binaries before I can run it on my RPi, but at least I’m all ready now.

Could you provide ready to use binaries for the Rpi3B once it’s ready to be used for GloNet ?

There is apparently a way to build .NET Core apps for the Raspberry Pi platform, using dotnet publish -r linux-arm :

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