Suggestion: Upgrade finder & M+ ranges

I use the upgrade finder to help evaluate what M+ to run, usually I use the “Bonus Roll” search, with either “Biggest Upgrade” or “Highest Chance” selected depending on how I feel that day.

Now that I am running lots of M+ - I am realizing that it would be nice if I could give AMR a range of keystones (maybe only 4-5 “wide” to reduce server load) and get a grid (or heatmap?) of results, here’s my crappy rendition of what I am proposing - I didn’t try any fancy tags/formatting but hopefully you take my meaning:

                      M+ level
                  3        4       5       6       7

Siege             0        1       3       5       6
Tol Dagor         0        0       1       3       5
Underrot          1        2       3       4       5

where each number in the body of the grid represents either {number of upgrades present in that M+, % increase of best upgrade in that M+, or weighted average}. Where it says zero, for all the potential drops in that case, I already outgear them, for example, so it’s probably not worth doing that dungeon/difficulty. Of course, when you ramp up the difficulty, eventually something is an upgrade :slight_smile:

Why this would be useful: I am often using Premade Group finder to try to apply for PUG M+ and it gets hard for me to remember “is it better for me to run an Underrot-M5 or a Siege-M6” etc. - you have to go back to the AMR Upgrade Finder setup and change the M+ level and repeat the query in order to check. Usually these groups are filling in like 10 seconds, so you need to be fast! I have an idea of what to apply for but having it all in one place would be really handy.

Thanks for listening!